Stories From The Field

We hope you will enjoy reading true life stories of people living in Africa. These are representative stories of people and families whom SMI has helped in some way. The names have been changed for confidentiality reasons and SMI’s relationship of how we are helping these people has not always been noted to protect privacy.

Typically children complain about going to school because it is a lot of work. They do not want to get up early and they would rather stay home and play. However, when education is a rarity, the reverse can be true of a child’s attitude, they beg to go to school.

Grace’s story is a common one. She was a young wife and mother who loved her family. They had many hopes and dreams together, but things changed for the worst and there was nothing Grace could do to stop it.

The villagers laughed as they watched Misa carrying her newborn home from the clinic where she had just given birth. “She is so young. She looks like a child carrying a baby, not a mother.”

Usually when a newborn wakes in the night it is a bother, but not to Saf and Esther. After having lost 3 children in childbirth, the cry of their newborn baby to these parents it was a joy.

As the missionaries arrived home, they were surprised to find a cute little 12 year old girl at their house. One of their workers explained that she was running from her brothers and needed a safe place to stay for a few days.

One of our staff who knows Sign Language was teaching classes at a deaf school and he came to us with a prayer request for one of his students by the name of Ismeal. Ismeal had recently become a Christian but this decision brought dangerous consequences for him.