Thousands Are Grateful for Living Water

SMI’s outreach ministry has encountered thousands of new Christians in the last few years and every one of them wants reading material to help them to learn more. New Christians are especially hungry to read the Bible and grow in their knowledge and relationship with God. However, Bibles are expensive and many people cannot afford to purchase a Bible of their own.

But there is an organization called "Living Water" who has donated thousands of Gospels of John to our work which has allowed SMI to give a piece of the Bible to every new Christian. This is a big gift to someone who has never held any portion of Scripture in their hands, let alone read it.

These Gospels of John serve as a good beginning point for a new Christian to learn more about the life and teachings of Jesus, his crucifixion and resurrection. They are also a good discipleship tool for our ministry and are used for bible study with new Christians.

Last year alone we gave out thousands of Gospels of John. We discovered that it was not only the new Christians who were in need of Scripture to read, even long time Christians needed biblical reading materials. Because these Gospels of John booklets are pocket size and durable, people can carry them and read them daily.

Thank you "Living Water" for making these Gospels of John available to so many hungry people who are eager to read Scripture.