This Cow is Helping Educate Children

Every project needs a good sustainability plan, in this case it is a cow.

One of our school development projects is struggling to meet its expenses each month due to the poverty of the families it serves. They cannot collect enough school fees to keep a balanced budget, but instead of closing their doors, they have begun a milk project.

They have been given their first milk cow (worth approximately $600), and already this cow’s milk is being used at the school and being sold for much needed school income. One cow cannot produce enough milk to supply the needs of all the students, but her milk is being given to the most vulnerable children in the school and the extra is being sold. This school has both a veterinarian and several husbandry experts on their staff, so keeping milk cows healthy and producing is very manageable. And because there is a high demand for milk in the area, people are coming to them daily, tapping at their gate to buy the remaining milk.

Notice this cow is tied to a tree. This is because she has no cow shed as yet. As soon as possible they hope to build a proper cow shed to house up to eight cows, and then to sell the excess milk to a nearby boys’ secondary school where over 700 boys reside.

Little does this cow know how valuable she is! She is truly helping to educate children.