Comments From The Field

"I thank you very much for being a blessing in the life of my son and I acknowledge your mighty compassionate works done by your hands because he is now successful."

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the assistance that you’ve been extending towards my vocational training. In one way it has widened me in getting skills in certain fields like technology and computer applications. Also it has helped me be able to solve problems where there is need. In another way it has given me ideas to figure out solutions in daily work techniques and how to handle every type of situation. Getting these skills has been very essential to my life and has made me a helpful person whereby I am able to satisfy people’s needs with my skills. This has helped me have a positive attitude towards life and a chance to fit into today’s society which makes me feel good."

"Your helping our son is a turning point in his vision and life building. It has enabled him to stay in school and see it through. May the almighty God bless you abundantly above all, and the glory goes back to the Heavenly Father."

"I hereby thankfully appreciate the medical aid I have been given by your organization because I had no way ahead for my feet to be treated before they would be amputated. I had to sell some of my working tools to get treated, because I did not have any other person to help. I pray the Lord give you more strength and courage to do your work and help others."

"I will try and try so that I may pass and I hope that you are going to pray for me to pass my exams of the end term. Thank you very much for helping me."

"I want to thank you a hundred times a day because you have given me the opportunity I didn’t know would come and I want to say that you have made me see that I should not lose hope in life. I should work hard in life because there is opportunity and when opportunity comes I should really try my level best to help others and myself because I have followed in your footsteps. May God guide you and protect over your lives."

"You have helped my child with school uniform, school shoes, school bag, school supplies, textbooks, lunch program, tuition. Your help will help her get jobs when older and help her to help her family. It makes us feel happy because I can’t provide because I am jobless. I’m praying that God will bless these donors because I am a single mother and don’t want my child to be without school and be on the street idle like the other children. Also I don’t feel we are alone and without people who care, it gives us hope for her future."

"I am thanking you for the much required financial help you are giving me and my family. I dare say without your Godly given help my children would not have been able to go to school at all. It is through your financial help that I am able to pay school fees and other school requirements. We pray to the almighty God to give you back all that you are giving us a hundred fold."

"I first glorify God who has been with us through whatever has come our way. I give my heartfelt appreciation for the great effort put on that side that has made my daughter what she is now!"