National Worker Partnership Program

Much of the work of SMI is dependent on national workers. We do partner with missionaries and other expatriates, however, local workers are really the backbone of our work.

Although many nationals are committed to God and would like to serve Him in ministry, they cannot afford to do so voluntarily, they need to support their families. Over the years Sequoia Ministries has hired some of these national workers as staff and this has proven to be extremely beneficial and cost effective. The National Worker Partnership Program not only helps train nationals, it helps with the financial resources to keep well-trained nationals on the field. This project is called a “partnership program” in that it rightly infers that we are partnering with national workers and that they play a vital role in the success of our projects.

SMI invites anyone to help sponsor a national ministry worker. Each worker raises a support base of people that will pray for them, and perhaps will also contribute financially to their ministry work, but in poverty stricken countries where the majority of people are jobless, it is difficult to “raise ministry support”. If you are interested in helping to support a national worker, please consider investing in this National Worker Partnership Program.