Ministry Material Development

This project produces culturally appropriate ministry materials that are being used by thousands of people each year. Although the developed world is saturated with Christian books and training materials, these resources are largely ill-suited for Third World use.

In most of the world today, there is a vacuum of affordable culturally adapted Christian materials. For example, there are no Sunday School materials, there are no Bible Study materials, no resource centers to borrow from, and often no Bibles in a local church. In some cases the Christian materials from the more “developed countries” can be contextualized (adapted) for use in other cultures and even translated for local use. However, in other cases it is best to develop materials on a grass roots level in their respective culture and language of use. Sequoia Ministries is involved in both of these processes of material development, that is the contextualization of ministry materials. These processes of developing culturally relavant materials involve areas such as: research, writing, graphic arts, desktop publishing, field testing, translating, printing, shipping, implementation trainings and follow-up.

Sequoia Ministries feels it is important that materials are age appropriate, therefore, our projects include material development for all ages. It also includes material development for illiterate peoples and for the deaf.

Furthermore, SMI is concerned that all training materials and texts be user friendly, that is they must be easy to understand and easy to implement at the local level.