Leadership Training

Sequoia Ministries believes in developing strong, reliable and equipped Christian leaders. In many undeveloped countries there are a growing number of Christian leaders who have little Biblical training. SMI supports pastor training schools, leadership trainings and Christian resource libraries. Teaching methods and materials are extremely important, therefore, all our training projects include reproducing teaching through local, indigenous ministries.

Practical Teaching – SMI looks for a particular teaching method when involved in any training or teaching ministry. This method is not new, rather it is over 2000 years old and was, in fact, the teaching method of Christ. Often Jesus taught his disciples through small group teaching and spent large amounts of time in “hands-on” ministry where they did not just talk about God’s teachings, they used them in real life situations. SMI is convinced that this method of teaching is the most effective and life transforming teaching method for ministry. Therefore, we look for training projects that not only have classroom teaching time, but also incorporate hands-on learning outside of the classroom. We call this “Practical Teaching”. This allows the learner to gain exposure and confidence through experience which increases their potential for life application, learned problem solving and long term success.

Reproducing Teaching - SMI is actively involved in developing Teachers and Trainers for local ministries. SMI also supports projects that develop Trainers of Trainers (TOT’s), that is teaching Trainers to teach others to be Trainers. In so doing, the number of opportunities for trainings at the local level grows dramatically, and the result is an exponential growth of those receiving affordable, biblical teaching.