Give-A-Bible Program

Having access to a Bible in your own language is a luxury in most places of the world. Although church leaders and church members alike would love to read and even study the Scriptures, they do not have a Bible, nor does anyone they know have a Bible.

Many people pray that God would bring them a Bible so they may know more about God and their relationship with Him. However, in many cases, the cost of one Bible is an entire month’s wage, which makes it financially prohibitive.

This is why SMI has created the Give-a-Bible Project. Any Bibles we have the financial resources to purchase, we distribute where they are most needed. SMI looks for Bibles in local languages whenever possible and we have the ability to distribute these Bibles through our local workers. Because we need to limit expensive shipping costs and we want to purchase Bibles in indigenous languages, we try to buy Bibles “in country” whenever possible.

You can help us provide a Bible for someone unable to buy their own. Presently, we have far more requests than we have Bibles. If you or someone you know would be interested in contributing to this project and help us provide Bibles in local languages, click on "Give to this project" below.