Sequoia Ministries is committed to sharing God’s love and truth with others.

There are many people on earth today who would like to learn more about God, in fact, they are waiting to hear. Millions have never heard of the name of Jesus nor have they ever seen a Bible. When we visit people like this and ask them about God, they can only tell of stories they have heard. Stories about God are often creative and evolve from generation to generation. Many remote storytelling people have a common belief that other people on earth know about God and that one day someone will bring them the true story of God and man. This may explain the receptiveness found among thousands of remote peoples today. It has also been encouraging to see more national Christians who are willing to assist in this work and even go beyond where missionaries are currently able to reach. Although the sacrifices are many and living conditions are harsh, more national Christians are feeling called to this work full-time.

Another positive development is the number of Christians worldwide who are willing to be witnesses in their own communities. Although hundreds of millions of people alive today have never heard the Gospel of Christ, statistics reveal that only 5% of Christians are involved in sharing their faith with others. Most Christians simply do not know how to comfortably and clearly share the Gospel. Sequoia Ministries therefore seeks to train and mobilize Christians for witnessing. We also support teaching Trainers of Trainers how to witness and disciple new believers.