Deaf Ministry

The deaf are hearing the Gospel loud and clear . . . through Sign Language!

A national pastor heads up this area of our work with a commitment to train deaf Christians to share the Gospel and disciple others through Sign Language. This pastor lost his hearing when he was a young boy and his grandfather’s witch doctoring only made matters worse. After he regained his hearing at a Christian meeting when he was a young adult, he made a decision to serve God and to minister to the much forgotten deaf people of Africa. Today this pastor has planted multiple deaf churches and is actively involved in evangelistic trainings and outreaches for the deaf, and the training of deaf church leaders.

Sign Language is truly a language that can open the world for a deaf person. It allows a deaf person to express themselves, to relate with others, to learn, to contribute, to work, to raise their quality of life, even to raise their children. As it is not difficult to learn, even the uneducated can learn. There is also a need for hearing people to learn Sign Language and therefore communicate with the deaf. And as with any language learning, children and youth can easily learn (and enjoy) Sign Language. Therefore, SMI encourages deaf people, partially deaf people and hearing people to learn Sign Language and include the deaf of all ages in their churches and communities.

This project primarily involves evangelism and discipleship ministries for the deaf. It also involves supporting deaf ministry material development, the teaching of Sign Language, church planting for the deaf and training church leadership.