Vocational Training Scholarships


These are signs commonly posted in the windows of storefronts and businesses in many towns and cities in prospering nations.

However, in the poor countries of the world, you would never see such a sign. They could never imagine someone advertising a paying job. If an employer did, there would be a stampede of "hopefuls" pounding the door down to be hired.

Imagine living in a country with 75% unemployment. Competition for jobs would be fierce and only the fully qualified would be hired. You could be willing and able to work, yet not qualified enough to compete for a job. This is the harsh reality facing the impoverished areas of the world. Many, who desire to work, sit waiting for a job opportunity.

Unfortunately, SMI is not in a position to alter the employment rate of a country. However, we can alter the employment rate in a family by helping adults acquire marketable job skills.

In this area we offer scholarships in various vocations for needy, motivated and capable adults. This project also offers an internship opportunity where possible, which gives the student practical job experience in the field of choice. By the end of their training, each participant is far more qualified and able to compete for employment, and therefore support their families.