Medical and Dental Assistance

This project is a benevolence ministry for those in need and unable to afford medical and/or dental care. Often medical treatment for even chronic conditions is not available due to lack of money. From a medical point of view, there is an enormous amount of unnecessary pain and suffering among the poor. SMI has been able to help many families get desperately needed medical care, and in some cases save their lives.

One such case was a Muslim woman living in the bush, suffering from a dislocated hip. She was found sitting up against an abandoned medical clinic, emaciated as she had been suffering for so long. We were able to fly her to a mission hospital where she received a life saving surgery. Within two weeks she was able to return home to her husband and children with a new lease on life.

Another case was a small child with a fever so high, she was delirious. The illiterate and impoverished mother was trembling with fear, begging for help to please save her baby. We were able to take the baby to a nearby medical facility in time to save her life. She was suffering from severe malnutrition, tuberculosis, malaria and pneumonia, (4 of the 5 major killers of infants in that area). That baby is now a normal little girl, running and playing like any other little girl.

Medical and dental costs in undeveloped countries are far less costly in comparison to developed countries; however, these costs are still unaffordable for the poor.

SMI offers medical and dental benevolence for the following needs:

  • diagnostics
  • medicines
  • immunizations
  • medical services and surgeries
  • physical therapies
  • emergency services
  • medical supplies and equipment
  • dental treatment