HIV Awareness and Assistance

AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is a deadly disease caused by a retrovirus called HIV. Today, AIDS is spreading rapidly around the world, in Africa and other regions it has become pandemic. In Africa alone, 34 million people have been infected with HIV; 13 million of those are orphans.

This disease can be likened to the disease of leprosy that we read about in the Bible. In Biblical times, those who had leprosy were deemed spiritually unclean, and others would not go near them, or even touch them. These misconceptions are still common today with people who suffer from leprosy and it is easy to understand why comparisons can be made to those who are infected by AIDS, they too are often treated as outcasts. At first AIDS was thought to be a disease only infecting homosexuals, but before long it became terrifyingly evident that HIV/AIDS can infect any population: man, woman, or child. In Africa alone, every minute two people contract the HIV virus; and 90% of those people are children. The number one transmission is from mother to infant. This is why AIDS is called “The New Plague” of the modern world.

What can we do to help? You may be surprised.

You can help us work to save lives and teach prevention. You can help us offer loving care and sustenance for children in need. You can help us provide anti-retroviral medicines. You can help us offer eternal hope and forgiveness by sharing the gospel of Christ and opportunity to make peace with God here on earth right now.

Our ministries are faith based and include: HIV Awareness (trainings); Prevention Efforts (counseling, testing, anti-retroviral medicines); HIV Assistance (counseling, support groups, networking, nutrition helps, anti-retroviral medicines, orphan care, benevolence, evangelism and discipleship).