Helping the Needy - General Ministry

It is a core belief of Sequoia Ministries that we should have concern for the hurts and needs of others. This has led us to a variety of partnerships that provide help for the physical and social needs of the poor.

SMI seeks to help the needy through the following avenues:

  • Water Development Projects
  • Medical and Dental Assistance
  • HIV Awareness and Assistance
  • Literacy Training
  • Disabled People Ministry
  • Vocational Training Scholarships
  • Benevolence Ministries

“Helping the Needy” is an area of our work that is often most tangible, and yet it is often the most overwhelming because the need is so enormous. This in no way negates the value of helping those we can. The realization that someone on earth cares and is willing to help provide food, or medicine or educational helps to their children speaks volumes to a destitute father or mother, and gives them a renewed sense of hope and encouragement to keep pressing on.

This area of our work does not ignore the spiritual needs of the poor. Knowing that in most cases the poor are not only physically hungry, but also hungry for the things of God, we try to help meet this need as well. SMI therefore provides opportunities for the people we work with to hear the Gospel and learn more about God from a Biblical perspective.

Contributions to this allows SMI to use your contribution where it is most needed to support the projects listed above.