Children's Home

The Faith Home is a Christian children’s home for vulnerable African children.

The home is located in Kenya, East Africa, just south of the equator, at the northeastern tip of Lake Victoria. The area is hot and humid most of the year, therefore, it is susceptible to malaria and other tropical diseases. Unfortunately this area is also hard hit with AIDS. This particular area has become known as an epicenter for the HIV epidemic. The peoples of this area might tell you “AIDS may not infect every person, but it affects us all.” This statement is profoundly true and some people are affected in more tragic ways than others. In the case of the Faith Home, most of the children have lost at least one of their parents to this devastating disease.

The Faith Home was founded by a man named Erastus whose sister and husband both died of AIDS leaving four children orphaned. Uncle Erastus was unable to care for the four orphans himself yet felt led by God to do something to help. He soon began this children’s home on faith that God would somehow provide the necessary funding. As he exhausted his own resources building the home, God began providing other well wishers to contribute toward finishing the home. It quickly became apparent that there were many children in need in this area.

In 2004 construction was completed, home parents were selected and trained, and the first children came to live at the Faith Home. Today 11 children call Faith Home their home. The children attend a nearby public school within a 15 minute walk. Most of these children are significantly behind in their schooling, but all are working hard to catch up. There are also basic medical facilities within a mile and a full service hospital within an hour. The home itself is a three bedroom house with stone walls, a corrugated metal roof, and cement floors. There is an adequate kitchen, dining area and living room. The home has running water, but no electricity.

Michael and Pamela serve as the Faith Home Parents. Michael is a skilled carpenter, who also has experience in plumbing and electrical work. This allows him to also be a good caretaker of the home and the grounds. Michael is also a loving guardian to the children speaking with fatherly care as he talks of each child. His wife, Pamela, is soft spoken and enjoys being in the kitchen and taking care of the children’s needs. We thank God for preparing them and bringing them to the Faith Home to do this most challenging job of parenting destitute children in Africa.