Who We Are

Sequoia Ministries Int'l (SMI) helps people in developing countries improve their quality of life and reach their God-given potential through assisting them with educational helps, community development projects, benevolence helps and Christian outreach. In the communities in which we work, we strive to make a difference one life at a time, by joining with the local people to provide holistic ways to help people lead healthy and purposeful lives.

We do this primarily through partnerships. SMI identifies and selects service projects to come alongside and to assist in a variety of ways on the grass roots level. Our assistance begins by forming a partnership, which can be either short term or long term. After the partnership is formed, particular projects are selected and SMI then invites others, from anywhere in the world to help. For example, this means you can help an African orphanage buy food this month, or help with an evangelism outreach into an unreached people group, or assist a single mother in a slum, or help drill a borehole for water in an area where people are literally dying of thirst, or take part in supporting an underground church.

Why do we call ourselves "Sequoia" Ministries International ?

Giant Sequoia trees are the largest living things on earth. They are also among the oldest living things on earth. The Giant Sequoia's enormous size and endurance can be largely attributed to their intrinsic ability to withstand hardship and disease. Their efficient stewardship of resources and their incredible resistance to outside destructive forces enables them to keep growing and producing for hundreds, even thousands of years. The Giant Sequoia does not live alone, it is part of a complex association of other living things, and its continued existence depends on interdependent relationships. In short, the Giant Sequoia thrives and survives through developed partnerships.

Sequoia Ministries International aspires to resemble its namesake, the Giant Sequoia tree, in that we continually pursue healthy partnerships, maintain efficient stewardship of our resources, develop strong resistance to destructive forces and become a long lasting and reproducing ministry whose legacy can be a model for generations to come.

What's in a Name ?

"Sequoia" means "remnant" or those who remain long after their forefathers and "keep the faith" so to speak. We at Sequoia Ministries International believe the Christian community worldwide is the "remnant" of God’s people on earth today, responsible to fulfill his purposes of sharing God’s love with others. In this way, we hope to also reflect our namesake, the "Sequoia" in that we will be found a faithful remnant, honoring and upholding all that pleases God.

To discover more about the Giant Sequoias, see About Giant Sequoias