Unique Strategies

Carefully Selected Projects - SMI carefully selects each of our projects using a screening process incorporating high ethical standards.

Our criteria for selecting and adopting a project includes, but is not limited to:

  • need
  • project feasibility and effectiveness
  • measurable and attainable goals with strategic objectives
  • realistic budgeting
  • financial sustainability
  • strict reporting with regular receipting and accounting
  • periodic assessments
  • history of good working relations
  • evangelically compatible

Partnering - The work of Sequoia Ministries is dependent on the collaborative efforts of partners and supporters worldwide. SMI works with literally thousands of people and each person plays an important role in the growth and success of each project.

Investment Opportunities - SMI provides a service to each of our supporters allowing them to confidently invest in excellent and cost effective international humanitarian projects that are held to the highest ethical standards.

Designated Giving – SMI allows for anyone to “earmark” their contribution(s). Donations can be designated to the SMI General Ministry Fund, or to specific SMI projects.

  • The General Ministry Fund allows SMI to allocate your donation to where it is most needed.
  • SMI Project contributions go directly to support the designated project(s) of the donor.

No Administration Fees Taken Out of Project Contributions - Each supporter should know that 100% of their project contribution(s) will be used solely on the designated project(s) of their choice. All administrative and operating costs of SMI are underwritten at this time. Therefore, SMI does not retain any portion of a project contribution for administrative or operating costs.

The Bottom Line is Growth - SMI has a serious commitment to empowering others and promoting healthy growth in each and everyone of our projects. We are not in the business of simply maintaining a work, rather we seek to grow a work, its workers and its beneficaries.

Practical Teaching – SMI looks for a particular teaching method when involved in any training or teaching. We look for training projects that not only have classroom teaching, but also incorporate hands-on learning outside of the classroom. This allows the learner to gain exposure and confidence through experience, increasing their potential for life application, learned problem solving and long term success.

Reproducing Teaching - SMI is actively involved in developing Teachers and Trainers at the local level. SMI also supports projects that develop Trainers of Trainers (TOT’s), that is teaching Trainers to teach others to be Trainers. In so doing, the number of opportunities for trainings at the local level grows dramatically, and the result is an exponential growth of those receiving affordable training.