Sequoia's Funding

Sequoia Ministries International is a non-profit organization dependent on the contributions of others. Contributions are receipted by our financial office in California and U.S. contributions are tax deductible as SMI is a 501(c)(3) public charity.

Investment Opportunities

Sequoia Ministries provides unique giving opportunities or "investment opportunities" to any interested in becoming actively involved in supporting a trustworthy locally run work. Just as one might invest in a money market account to reap financial dividends, a person should also be able to invest in a reliable service project with the hope of reaping dividends far more valuable than money. Furthermore, Sequoia Ministries provides a service to each supporter (investor) allowing them to confidently invest in excellent and cost effective international humanitarian projects that are held to the highest ethical standards.

Designated Giving

Sequoia Ministries allows for anyone to "earmark their contribution(s). Donations can be designated to be used where most needed, or to specific Sequoia Ministries projects. Specific project contributions go directly to support the designated project(s) that you specify. To learn more about Sequoia Ministries projects, see Our Work.

No Administration Fees Taken From Specific Project Contributions

100% of all specific project contributions will be used solely for the designated project(s) of choice. Sequoia Ministries does not retain any portion of a project contributions for administrative costs.

How to Donate

Give Online

- Discover online which Sequoia Ministries project(s) interests you and select to donate to your favorite project(s).

- Or you may chose to donate to where it is most needed.

- See our How to Donate page.

- SMI will immediately and securely confirm your donation via email, and a receipt will be sent to you via post for your records (tax deductible in the U.S.).

Give by Check

- Discover online which Sequoia Ministries project(s) interest you and designate your gift to your favorite project(s) by writing it on the Memo Line of the check, or including a note with your check.

- Choose to give your donation to be used for where it is most needed by Sequoia Ministries, in this case leave the Memo Line blank.

- Send check or money order to:
    Sequoia Ministries International
    2920 Huntington Drive, Suite 130
    San Marino, CA. 91108, USA

- A receipt will be sent to you via post (tax deductible in the U.S.).


2009-2010 Fiscal Year Financial Information